little butterflies

I wish I could get a better picture of these. In person they seem so different. They have a layer of encaustic medium on top giving them a creamy, almost ceramic feel.

I had so much fun making them today.  Layer upon layer of paper, paint, more paint and wax.  Then I carved some lines into them for added texture. So fun!

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2 Responses to little butterflies

  1. Angella says:

    Hi Regina
    I love the butterflies, wish I could see them “in person”. One day when I’m rich I’m gonna buy all your paintings!!! ;O)
    Really love the idea of an art journal filled with faces too.. I will be looking out for the e-course on faces if/when you present it- would like to sign up for that one.
    much love

  2. louise darcy says:

    Love the butterflies, soooo pretty! The colours look pretty metallic too-gorgeous! 🙂

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