finding comfort

It was a really hard weekend without Sloopy, getting used to her not being around. So, I’ve busied myself with making a rock for our garden and making a special journal page in honor of Sloopy.

It has helped a lot.  It feels good to make something that helps us to remember what a special part of our lives that she filled for so long.

Thank you for all the kind words. They have truly helped too.

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4 Responses to finding comfort

  1. Melissa says:

    Beautiful remembrance!! 8*)

  2. Angella says:

    what a beautiful idea!!!

  3. What a beautiful way to remember her! xoxo

  4. Erika Towle says:

    What a beautiful tribute! I am so sorry to hear about Sloopy’s passing 🙁 It’s so devastating losing our furry friends, I have had to put down 5 of my babies over the years & it never gets easier. May her special memories get you through the rough days ahead…

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