day dream believer

Day Dream Believer (now in my shop)

That’s what I am, a day dream believer.  I’m also bold, or at least my color choices are. I just love this bright colors of this painting. Both dreamy & bold. The other paintings below still are getting worked on.

I have two craft fairs coming up and have painting, making and painting more.  The first one is only 2 weeks away and I have so much to do!  A mild panic has started to set in, but I’m feeling fired up to get some major stuff done! Wish me luck.

And if you live in Tucson, I’ll be at Reid park on November 24th & 25th.


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5 Responses to day dream believer

  1. Stefani says:

    Oh I LOVE this one. Beautiful!

  2. Carin says:

    Oh Regina, I adore this one! It’s beautiful! And I love that your colour choices are bold!

  3. Gorgeousness! Love these paintings!!! You have officially inspired me… Again! 🙂

  4. MelBee says:

    Fantastic paintings.. love the Day Dream Believer very much…can’t get the song out of my head now!! Good luck at the fairxx

  5. Angella says:

    I love day dream believer. she’s beautiful. your color choices are so unique and work so well!

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