what I’m wearing

One of my favorite things about cooler weather is layers. My signature winter outfit includes jeans, a blouse, top or T and a cardigan sweater (sometimes a hoodie). Then comes the necklaces.  At least two. And now that I have a growing collection, it is so much fun pairing them up.

Top left: Beth Quinn necklace, with my necklace with Katy’s necklace
Top right: top two are my designs with a beaded amethyst necklace
Bottom left: two little owls, top one from my friend Linda and the bottom from my hubby
Bottom right: Yellow enamel necklace by Lonesome Dove Designs and bottom one made by me.

I have some BIG pendant necklaces in the works and I have been testing them out. So far, I love them, but they won’t be ready til the new year.

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  1. christy says:

    great idea…..i have too many necklaces and too little necks…..gotta try this!!!

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