R is for random

I’ve been searching for things to blog about lately, but I haven’t made anything that I can share. I do have some books, and birthday presents that I wanted to show you, but I don’t ever remember to take pictures until it’s too dark. Today was cloudy and rainy too. I hope I remember tomorrow!

Oh! I do have some new Moo cards that I can’t wait to share. They are just so splendid. And guess what?! I’ll be having a Moo card give-away very soon!!  Gift cards for 3 sets of 50 Classic Business Cards for 3 readers!! So exciting, so stay tuned.

I’m currently in the midst of working on a licensed calendar for a company, but can’t share any pics of what I am making until the end of the year. It’s a calendar that will be used for promotional purposes, not for resale, but I’m very excited and thankful for the project.  This is what has been keeping me very, very busy.

I did have a wonderful lunch date with my bestie today.

We went to a cute little shopping mall called Monterey Court, a renovated motel that has a restaurant and several little artist shops, galleries and studios. It was a really fun little place to visit.

 I love places like this where a building has been re-purposed into something fun and new.  Like in Portland, Oregon where some of the schools and theaters are now restaurants.  Are there any places like this in your area?

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2 Responses to R is for random

  1. Sandy says:

    Hi Regina, I so love the colours that are in your part of the world! So bright and happy. I love the idea of the re-purposed motel too. We don’t have much in the way of re-purposed buildings here but we do have lots of development as many of our local pineapple farms turn into housing estates. This year our small town centre is being redeveloped and they are consulting with local artists as part of the process. Not sure if I will be involved but I’m hoping they provide us with an art space as our town has none at present. The calendar sounds exciting, will look forward to seeing it at Christmas. Congratulations!

  2. Kate D says:

    oh congrats on the calendar gig – that’s so cool!

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