heart garland

crochet hearts

I finally finished my heart garland. I have been wanting to make one for many years and now I can enjoy it for years to come.

crochet heart garland

I had to put a white border around the hearts to help keep the hearts flat and also to make it easier to connect the hearts together with a long chain.

crochet heart garland

I’ve been re-doing a little bench for someone, and in between drying layers of paint, I’ve been making these little hearts and watching movies on netflix. I had forgotten how soothing crocheting can be.

Here are a few different tutorials that I used to make this:

Teeny Tiny Heart Bunting
Itty bitty crochet heart tutorial
How to Crochet * Tiny Hearts in 3 different sizes

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4 Responses to heart garland

  1. isabel says:

    love the garland:O) One of my goals this year to learn knitting and crochet:O)

  2. K.I.C Whyte says:

    Hi i love your styling you knit so well i would love to learn how to knit like that. My nan does all the knitting i should get her to teach me keep it up.

  3. It’s lovely, Regina! I’ve had one of these on my radar for years and never quite gotten ’round to it… I even have a small pile of hearts begun. Hm… maybe in time for next year…

  4. Kate D says:

    Those are super cute! 🙂

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