snow day and infinity scarf

snow day in Tucson, Az

We actually had a snowy day here in Tucson, Arizona. A rarity.  It does snow in the outskirts and mountains and sometimes at night, but rarely during the day and in the city limits. It was fun, especially for the kids, to watch the big fat snowflakes fall.

fabric infinity scarf

Lucky for me, I made this Infinity Scarf, just in time for our big snow “blizzard”.  It wasn’t snowing in the morning, so I was able to go for my morning walk, but it sure was cold and windy.

fabric infinity scarf

I had less the 1/4 of a yard of both fabrics and wasn’t sure what to do with them until I saw this scarf on Pinterest, and the rest is history.

fabric inifinity scarf

The flowery fabric is cotton flannel which is so soft and nice around your neck, and I lined it with organic cotton batting so it is warm too.

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4 Responses to snow day and infinity scarf

  1. Anne says:

    Beautiful bright colours.
    It looks nice and warm.
    I love Pinterest too, it very addictive so much inspiration and ideas. 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    A beautiful scarf! And I cannot believe you guys had snow. Love the picture of the tortoise.

  3. elsa says:

    How fun to have some snow! love your scarf ~ it’s really lovely!

  4. Kate D says:

    Oh, crazy that you guys had snow! that scarf looks so cozy!

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