on my desk

Paint plate and brushes

New wood shelf that I found by a dumpster at the park.  Yes, I am one of those people. It just needed a little bit of clean-up and now look how perfectly it holds my inks and such. Love it!

origami cranes

When I wasn’t feeling well last week, I made origami cranes. It helped. Now they wait to be made into a mobile.

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2 Responses to on my desk

  1. Lucy Chen says:

    OMG! You have so many colours, Regina!

  2. Kate D says:

    oh my goodness…I love how you make stuff even when you’re not feeling well. 🙂 And I love, love seeing where artists work – beautiful messes they are…except yours is more of a beautifully organized space. 🙂 I’m one of those people, too, that can’t pass up perfectly good trash.

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