Magnolia leaves revisited

painted magnolia leaves after 3 weeks.

I thought you might want to see what my painted magnolia leaves look like after 3 weeks of drying time.

I left the butterfly alone as the “control”, without any protective medium.  You can see that it is the most curled and more faded in color.

I was told in a comment, to try a 1:1 glycerine water mixture, which seemed very promising.  It too curled a little bit, but kept it’s brightness and color the best. Maybe straight glycerine would work better.

The encaustic wax helped keep the leaf flat and smooth, but the color of the leaf changed the most.  I only applied wax to one side, but would like to try both sides (if there is ever a next time).

The last leaf has Dorland’s cold wax on both sides. It stayed flat and the leaf is more green, but the wax dulled the colors making it look quite flat.

I had another suggestion to press then between plexiglass, which be very cool to try.

painted magnolia leaves

Here is the first picture from 3 weeks ago so that you can see the difference. I still have a lot of dried and pressed magnolia leaves that I want to paint with the kids to make a spring garland.


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3 Responses to Magnolia leaves revisited

  1. Mari says:

    These look like they are fun to make. I had never heard of spring garland but now I want one!

  2. Such a creative idea to begin with, Regina! These are so lovely, and thanks for sharing your experiment!

  3. I love this. Genius. What a beautiful idea.
    I love your art and will enjoy following it.

    Here is mine.

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