Having a blast

We’ve been having a really great time visiting our friends in San Antonio, TX.

We take turns visiting each other every year. And because we only see each other once a year, we always stay up way too late talking.

butterfly & rainbow rocks

Last night we stayed up until 230am. Ouch!

San Antonio Flowers- morning walk

I still managed to get up this morning and go for a walk. It was so nice.

The kids are having fun and getting along really well.

light through the trees

We are actually going to venture out of the house today and see some sights, which means more pictures to share with you later.

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2 Responses to Having a blast

  1. angella says:

    thanks for sharing Regina. what awesome photos! made me feel as if I was on holiday! Enjoy!!!

  2. Toni Randal says:

    cool pics Regina!!! 🙂 I envy you… I’ve do much wanted to go to San Antonio…In fact it is in my bucket list… and I hope I could cross it out of the list very soon… your pictures just want me to go there asap… 😀

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