Hello Spring

hello spring

1. Arizona Blue Bells 2. Lady Banks Rose 3. Desert Penstemon
4. Nature art wall at a local elementary school 5. Mescal Bean Tree 6. Pink Rose

It’s definitely spring around here. We had a high of 88 degrees (31.1 C) today. Warm in the sun, but the morning and evening was so nice and beautiful.

I have been continuing my daily walks and am really loving them.  I might even treat myself to some new walking shoes to help me keep going.

Happy Spring!

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  1. angella says:

    Lovely photos. Here in SA it is the start of Autumn – strangely enough MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR!!!! The leaves have already stared falling and the mornings are cool and very misty. Such a welcome relief after another very hot African summer (the heat makes me very unwell- so I dont like summer much) :o)

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