jewelry board ~ part 2

jewelry board

I finished my jewelry board today.

jewelry board

I couldn’t wait to get it hung up in my bathroom so I could sort my necklaces and bracelets.

jewelry board

I hammered in flat head nails then found some vintage white glass buttons that I had been saving for ages.  I screwed off the metal shank and glued them on with e6000.

I’m so happy with it. You can see how I did the relief stenciling HERE.

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5 Responses to jewelry board ~ part 2

  1. love this – what a gorgeous way to keep your jewelry organized! 🙂

  2. angella says:

    love how you added the vintage buttons- what a great idea. It looks wonderful with all your awesome necklaces on it. Happy Mothers Day!!!

  3. spindelmaker says:

    It looks SO great! I love beautiful things that also are practical 🙂

  4. kt says:

    Freaking GORGEOUS!

  5. sofy says:

    How neat! Would love to have one myself.
    Am thinking of putting some hooks or some nails on the back of my closet door.
    To fulfill the same purpose.

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