the abundance of buffalo

buffalo bison art by Regina Lord

I’ve been learning so much about myself through Pixie’s e-course. It am sure it has sparked a changed in my thinking, process and paintings. I certainly would have never chosen to paint a funky little buffalo/bison creature, but he appeared to me in my painting.

buffalo bison art

I resisted quite a bit at first, but when I finally surrendered, everything flowed and I began to embrace this buffalo. In this surrender, I am learning to grow, honor my path as well as other’s, and be thankful for what I receive.

Buffalo (bison) Medicine: Manifesting abundance through right action & gratitude.

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5 Responses to the abundance of buffalo

  1. angella says:

    so very interesting Regina. why the “abundance of buffalo” ? The e-course seems really deep and meaningful. so glad that you are enjoying it.

    • The animal totems or spirit animals that “appear” to us during this course, have symbolic meanings and teachings which we call medicine. So, it has been super fun to look up and learn about what these animals have to teach us.

  2. I love this painting, especially the eyes. He looks so real.

  3. Love the buffalo! Loved seeing the evolution of the piece too! Happy painting!

  4. Tracy Stokes says:

    Wow, really beautiful work, very powerful. Going to go and check out Pixie’s ecourse.

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