Finished Licensed Calendar no. 3

Here is my 3rd calendar for Bic Graphic USA. This is what I’ve been busy doing for the last 2 weeks. I finished last Friday, and spent the whole weekend chilling out, catching up on fun stuff like sewing patches on the kids pants and going to family/puppy dog training.

When Bic asked me to do a 2016 calendar, I worried that I would be unable to come up with another 12 ideas on the same theme. Somehow, they just all flowed right out.

Again, these calendars will be used as promotional calendars which means that they will not be for sale. But I plan to use a few of my favorite images and put them in my shop as prints.

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3 Responses to Finished Licensed Calendar no. 3

  1. They are beautiful. You always have great themes and paintings

  2. Angella says:

    OMG Regina- you ROCK!!!! these paintings are spectacular. I am in love with the little boy and his dog resting under the tree! you go from strength to strength….. You are SUCH an inspiration! So proud to call you my friend!!!

  3. Barb says:

    I LOVE these paintings, especially the family scenes, like the three generations cooking together, the birthday party, and reading by the fire. Just lovely!

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