this and that


I promise to have some crafty/artsy stuff to share very soon.  For now, a little bit of this and that.


Looking up into a nest in our tree where the entrance is at the bottom.

puppy training

Freya has a twin at puppy training class.  There are actually 3 Springers in our group.

Freya met Rocky this last week. She’s not to too sure what to think about him, but has been trying to keep her distance the best she can.

vegan french toast

Vegan fronch toast on Sunday morning.  The bread made by Super-E’s friend, which made it extra special and delicious.


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  1. angella says:

    lovely photos Regina. so lovely of you to share them with us. how awesome that Freya has a twin. super cute!!! I often wonder about those nests with the entrances at the bottom and how the eggs and little chicks dont fall out? Have a happy week Regina. Cant wait to see the new crafty stuff…… How is that chair project coming along?

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