Studio Tour part 1

Did the studio tour thing all day today and it was pretty fun. So nice to be able to set up and hangout in my own space and let the people come to me for a change. ;p

We partially set up in the garage (which was a carport at one point) so that people wouldn’t have to go trekking through the house. Plus, I have too much art to display in my small studio space.

Tucson Artists' Open Studio Tour

I sold my beloved Frida painting today.  A wonderful and bittersweet thing because this particular Frida has been with me to all my shows for the last few years. She has had so many admirers, but not any takers until today.  She is going to a good home. I got a really good vibe from the new owners.

I also sold Girl with Pink Cup, another favorite.  She is also going to a good home – a repeat customer, which means the world to me.  I am really loving selling local. It is really great and important to have people see your work in person and allow them to meet the artist. It has added a whole new layer of excitement, confidence and bravery to what I do.

Will be showing more pictures of my actual studio tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Studio Tour part 1

  1. angella says:

    awwwww….. happy smile wen I saw my “Shine” up there!! (blush). I am so glad this studio tour was a happy experience for you Regina!!! You are a STAR!

  2. Joyce says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been a frequent visitor for a while and appreciate you sharing your wonderful artwork and experiences.

  3. Carmen says:

    Thanks for sharing the pics. Sorry I can’t be there in person, love your work.

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