journal page – moon dreaming

art journal page - moon dreams

A little moon dreaming for my art journal, inspired by the super moon last night.

I used my Lumiere paints for the moon and background and I am really loving the effect. I also used my pearl mica for the star dust dream ribbon flowing through the night.

I love the shimmery look and feel of this page. Very dreamy 🙂

homemade coconut yogurt.

I also made some yogurt over the weekend using this coconut yogurt recipe and it worked out great!  I drizzled and bit of honey and sprinkled some frozen blueberries and it was so creamy and luscious.  A lovely afternoon snack.

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7 Responses to journal page – moon dreaming

  1. Melbee says:

    Hi Regina…just wanted to saying I am loving all your journal faces! This one though is my favourite so You are such a wonderful inspiration…I would love to do one of your online courses again…..any plans for a new one at all?? In admiration as always, Mel.x

    • Regina Lord says:

      Thanks Melbee!! I have several new e-courses and mini e-workshops planned. I was waiting for the kids to get back into school because it is a lot harder to make videos with them screaming in the background. You will hear more about it soon!

  2. katherine says:

    Your style is always so wonderfully original and so evocative. I like this piece especially, with the flow and rhythm of the lines and the shapes. The yogurt sounds fantastic! I thought I had made a good discovery by chopping up a juicy ripe plum into my peach yogurt yesterday… but the coconut sounds even better!

  3. angella says:

    I love your moon dreaming page, its so very beautiful.

  4. Judy Hartman says:

    Hi! Love your artwork! Your faces are some of the best I’ve seen! Looking forward to enjoying more of your work!

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