Inspiration Ripple

Inspiration Ripple

This was one of the prompts for Flora Bowley’s bloom true boot camp.  I love this prompt because there are a few things I’ve been wanting to share. The idea is to create a ripple of inspiration by sharing what you love and what is inspiring you.

1. The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte and The Best of Rebel Society Vol. I by Both books are incredibly inspiring.

2.  Art by Olaf Hajek and Ana Juan

3. Wood Sculptures by Elizabeth Frank (local to Tucson, AZ)

4.  Manifestation Perfume by The Sage Goddess. (Claritus, Fortuna and Sacra are pretty amazing too.)

5.  Sun Song by Laura Veirs

6.  Quartz points and gemstones.  I am especially drawn to clear quartz, aquamarine, carnelian and chrysacolla.

art price app7. The Art Price App. (Ive been wanting to share this one for a while and am hoping it will be helpful with all of my upcoming holiday market shows).  A really great app to help you with pricing your art.  Of course it can’t be 100% accurate because of all the variances in art, style and market, but it is really fun to play with and can give you a ball park idea. What I love most about this app is that you can mess with the confidence level (go the the cogwheel to change the settings for this).  If you are just starting/new to painting and want to move your art for less $, (or sell your painting for more than calculated) you can change the app to account for that and give you a price you are more comfortable with. Also, you can save your estimates with photos of your art for a quick reference. I love that! The only thing I don’t like is that you have to figure out what style best suits your art- something that is not really a fault of the app, just my own feeling of my art being a mixture of styles or not fitting into the style options given.  You can play with a version of the app HERE.

sun and moon instagram

8. The sun and the moon, always.

 Other things I need to add to my list:


* Wise Craft by Blair Stocker. Truly a feast for the eyes and a happy treat for your crafty heart. It brings me back to the good old days when I did a lot more crafting. There is so many beautiful ideas to inspire you and there is something for everyone and every season. I’ve been taking this to the school with me while waiting for the kids to get out for the last two weeks so that I can slowly savor each page.

* Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain  by Daniel Siegal.  I LOVE this book and I love Daniel Siegal for sharing his wisdom.  I may have to write more about this book later, but I wish all parents and teachers of teenage children would read this book.

* Yoga Today.  <3

* Art supplies:  Baltic Birch panels, sta-wet handy palette, fine line paint pen (see previous post), super heavy gesso, and Blick Studio Portrait colored pencils.

* Random stuff: finding color inspiration, enjoying nature, leaving rock messages around my neighborhood.

 What are you loving and inspired by right now?

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  1. sperlygirl says:

    what a fantastic list, regina, thank you for sharing! i am going to have to check out many on there. and that art app looks great. grazie mille!

  2. upstatelisa says:

    I always like hearing other’s recommendations! I have heard good things about The Desire Map!!! Will add all these to my list! Right now, a trip last weekend to NYC has me filled with inspiration from 300+ photos!

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