Day of the Dead 2014

Day of the Dead Skull Brooch

I think the week of Halloween and Day of the Dead is probably my favorite week of the entire year. I kid you not!!

Day of the Dead Skull Flower Brooch

I love skulls, honoring loved ones, dressing up, wearing big flowers, marigolds, the color orange, candles, the celebration of it all… EVERYTHING!!! I love it all.

Remembrance Luminarias

I made these Remembrance Luminarias to honor our great-great grandparents.

Remembrance Luminarias

I printed black and white photos onto plain white paper and cut them into strips so that they fit in these little juice glasses, with a bit of tape to secure them in place. Then I added LED tea lights inside.

Remembrance Luminarias

They are so lovely when lit up at night. It would be nice to have varying sizes of glass cups too.

Marigolds with skull planter sticks

I bought these lovely marigolds, the flower of death. The scent of the marigold is said to bring spirits back to earth for the yearly Dia de los Muertos reunion.

skull planter sticks

Some white card stock, a few bamboo skewers and a good marker is all you need for these.

Marigolds and day of the dead skull planter sticks  Quick and easy, and they look great with the orange marigolds.

Happy Dia de los Muertos!!!

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  1. angella says:

    lovely ideas Regina! so special to celebrate those who have gone before.

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