work, work, workin

cat art ornaments by Regina Lord

34 ornaments in the works.

Owl Art Ornaments by Regina Lord

Cats, birds, owls, angels and Fridas.

Bird Art Ornaments by Regina Lord

They still need glaze and wire for hanging.

Frida Art Ornaments by Regina Lord

Then, they will be going to the Tucson Museum of Art show this weekend.

Angel Art Ornaments by Regina Lord

Still so much to do!!

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4 Responses to work, work, workin

  1. angella says:

    OMW you’re amazing!!! Love the cats too!!! I did some angels on watercolour paper and going to put them onto circles of supawood. They wont be as “natural” or awesome as yours but its something. Thanks for the inspiration. I will PM you a photo of mine on FB. 🙂

  2. angella says:

    oh shucks! just HAD to say – Your Frida’s are stunning – I think you should charge double for them. 😉

  3. Tammy says:

    Hey friend! Woke up this morning at 5 thinking of you! Lol! Your imagination and talent blows me away! Love all these ornaments you have been doing 🙂 wish I could come to your art shows! I would add to my awesome collection I have started of your art 🙂 I think I’m up to 10, or a bit more now. Good luck at your show!!

  4. sofy says:

    Oh those cats, birds and owls are amazing:) So cute.

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