Mercado Holiday Bazaar Recap

I had a great time at the Mercado Holiday Bazaar. ┬áThese art shows are quickly becoming my favorite social outlet. I’ve been making so many new friends and getting to see my favorite fellow vendors as well as seeing returning customers. Always such a joy.

Of course there are the down parts, like having to work like crazy, not getting enough sleep and trying to work through a head cold. And there is also the rare unhappy person who comes to your booth full of negativity.

It’s life and it’s all worth it. I LOVE what I do and I will be forever thankful.

But now the art show season is over and I am trying to get a lot of rest to recuperate while also making up for lost time with the kids.  Today, we made a gingerbread house, tomorrow we make paper stars and ornaments, then snowflakes and cookies, per request and as promised!

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3 Responses to Mercado Holiday Bazaar Recap

  1. angella says:

    wow Regina – you have been so busy. I am glad you enjoyed the market. (Negative people are in the minority and so they dont count LOL ). I love your gingerbread house- its too beautiful to eat!!! Have fun with your boys (aka young men) doing holiday crafts and baking. much love.

  2. Congratulations Regina, it is so good to see you enjoying this time of your life. Your art is beautiful and matches your persona. Enjoy the holidays and time with your boys.

  3. Derek Russell says:

    Congrats Regina! Keep up the great work.

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