DIY floater frames

DIY floater frames

I had a wonderful weekend at the art show despite the crazy heat and intense sun. I am fortunate to be in a spot under the trees, even though there is a window of time where I am in direct sun.  I was okay though, I could just visit my fun neighbors in their shady spots.

Because of the heat, it was a little slower than I remember last year.  Also, there was a college basketball game that kept people at home in the luxury of their AC.  I was so happy and thankful for those who did brave the heat. I met so many wonderful people and even sold a few originals and a ton of cards, mirrors, prints and art blocks.

I wanted to share my new floater frames that my husband and I made.  I am so in love with them!  Lately, I have really been enjoying painting on hard panels or wood.  I love this surface for smaller, more detailed paintings and for faces too.  It is smoother and just really lovely to paint on.

The problem is, that when a painting is done, it feels unfinished as just a panel.   Some people may like this because they easily fit in a frame, but for me, a shiny frames doesn’t feel like the right finish for my paintings. So, after a ton of research, I finally found a video demonstrating how to frame panels. Perfect!!  I showed the hubby and said, “Get ready to rumba, baby!” and he groaned.

You can see the video here: A simple way to frame panels

We went to a lumber yard, found the wood and had them cut the giant 60 x 60 inch piece into manageable strips, with a specific measurement, so we could fit them into the car. Then my hubby cut them to the sizes I needed at home with his table saw.  My job was to cut the trim with a miter box and hand saw, then sand, stain and attach the trim.

I actually really enjoyed the process because the end result was so satisfying and great!

You can use this process to frame panels, or just paint directly on the wood, which I might do.  Now, I have to promise and use up all the extra wood and trim I have. 😉

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4 Responses to DIY floater frames

  1. Thanks for posting this. I’ve wondered how to make those frames. Now I can give it a try.

  2. Regina Lord says:

    You are so welcome. I hope you get a chance to try and make some. They are great!

  3. Kelley says:

    Thank for the link; I might actually persuade himself to give it a go!

    Shine on! Kelley

  4. Julie Rustad says:

    Love these Regina! Thanks for posting the video and I am gonna get it a try! 🙂

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