Whale Rider, Stargazer

Art by Regina Lord
Whale Rider, Stargazer
11 x 14 Acrylic on flat wood panel
mounted in a floater frame
(currently available at Art House Centro)

For a while, but especially at my last art show, I was asked by a lot of people, why I don’t paint men.  I’m not really sure, and don’t have a great answer except that men feel too specific.

For example, when I paint a woman or girl, it could be any woman or girl. Someone’s daughter, mother, wife, girlfriend, etc. Also, woman are beautiful and easy for me to do without too much inspiration from a photo. Where painting a man feels like I have to paint someone specific, probably because it’s out of my comfort zone. I’m not really sure.

Well anyway, I thought I’d take up the challenge and paint this guy. He is actually inspired by Jimmy, the beard guy.  He looked like he would be fun to paint, but with my own twist; he had to be a sailor who rides whales and spends a lot of time stargazing, thinking about love and life.

He was really fun to paint and I think a might paint a few more dudes in the near future.

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6 Responses to Whale Rider, Stargazer

  1. doro K. says:

    this picture tells a story… it’s absoltuely great!

    and: you really should paint more often guys! 😉

    <3, doro.

  2. Allison says:

    You definitely should, he’s great! I love the colour on this, that blue background!

  3. Spindelmaker says:

    I think he´s great! And you should definitely paint more men! He´s got a lot of personality, this one. And I absolutely love the symbolism in the picture, with the sea in his soul and the stars above. He´s certainly a man of my liking 🙂

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