do more of what makes you happy!

Art by Regina Lord
“Do More of What Makes You Happy”
10 x 10 acrylic on flat artist panel

Remember the painting I did for Birds, Blooms & Butterflies?  It’s on the sidebar and you can see it here too. Well, I decided to re-work it with some new words, a few different colors and just make it a little bolder and brighter than before.  Recycling or refinishing of sorts.

Art by Regina Lord
Prints Available HERE

I love this saying, because it is exactly what I’ve been for the last 3 years, since I quit my nursing job.  It’s how I keep making art. That’s not to say that having an art biz is easy. It’s definitely not.  How well I do is all on me. But, doing what I love, with passion, gives me the drive to keep going. Through the exhaustion, stress and self doubt, I love what I am doing and it makes me so very happy!

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