Pastel Portraits & Pirates

It was pirates.

They hijacked me, my computer and our water heater. That is why I’ve been missing for the last month.  Really, pirates.

So yes, I’ve had a trying month of May.  I finally had my surgery to remove my appendix, which was way more painful that I thought it would be. Hello my good friend, Percocet. I’m not really into pain medications, by the way, but they were very needed. Then, I got a pesky and even more painful infection at one of my incision sites.  Insert antibiotics for another TEN days. Yay.

And just when I’m starting to feel better and able to sit upright, our hot water heater breaks and floods the laundry room, while the hubby is out of town, of course.  Fortunately, it was a recalled thingamajig, so we didn’t have to pay a thing to get it fixed. Amazing!

Two days later my computer crashes.  Dead.  Hello new computer.  This happened last summer too, but somehow managed to milk another year out of my poor computer.

Now, I am almost feeling completely back to normal, I have a new computer with all of my forty thousand (!!) photo images transferred, and all of the household appliances seem to be in working order.  Fingers crossed.  Especially for the air conditioner.  It is summer.  Think 100+ degrees… everyday….for the next 5 months…at least…

Okay.  I’m done moaning and groaning.

Now, I am in the midst of video recording another e-course.  Portraits. I am pretty, pretty excited about what I have to share this time around.  I’ve been playing a lot with my new Sennelier soft pastels, trying to decide if I should include a pastel lesson too. I probably will because they are SO MUCH FUN!

I have more to share. I promise to be back soon.

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