Calendar Girls pt.1

Art by Regina Lord
Acrylic on 11×14 flat hardboard panel

Art by Regina Lord
Self Love
Acrylic on 11×14 artboard

Art by Regina Lord
With Wings
Acrylic on 11×14 artboard

Busy, busy, busy prepping for a studio tour this weekend as well as a holiday market the weekend after. Have hardly had time to breath!

The above paintings are the first three months of my 2017 calendar, which is now is my shop!

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2 Responses to Calendar Girls pt.1

  1. Subham says:

    Thanks for share Calendar Girls pt.1

  2. Festiveice says:

    Wow it was a great art, thanks for sharing this. we have a amazing and delightful creation of ice sculptures for your wedding party, events to make it beautiful

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