4×4 Desert Themed Art

Art by Regina Lord

All of these little sweet paintings are 4×4 on mounted panels.  I glazed them with an acrylic medium so that they would be extra glossy. They almost look like little tiles.

They are currently being displayed at the Tohono Chul Garden Bistro until March 9th.

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  1. Good morning. I was poking around the internet this a.m. And came upon your work , blog, shop etc. this so far has been the only way i have been able to find to contact you. I am staying in Tucson for one month. On a page i saw a mural of diego and frida also a mural near dunbar springs in downtown and a sculpture sort of a bicycle on the Rilito River. I was very interested to see these pieces in person! Can you give me some better hints as to where i should go. I am going to try to be at your event this Saturday. Thanks and i hope you can be of assistance to me

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