Hello October!

Here in the Southwest, we finally had our first day of fall weather with rain and cool temps. It will warm up again for sure, but it sure was lovely!  I made the little painting above while blissfully listening to the rain.

And did you know that it is Art Season?  One of my favorite art collectors said to me the other day, “Have fun getting ready for art season!”  Her husband’s reply was, “There’s an art season? Is it like football season?”  It sorta is, if it means getting all excited about art!

Art Season is the time of the year in Tucson where we wake up from the sleepy summer heat and get ready for artisan holiday fairs. That means, lots of art making of all kinds.

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3 Responses to Hello October!

  1. Louise says:

    I love that! An art season. And it is so true…now that our gardens have been put away here in the north (Canada) and we know that snow could fall any day, it is time for making art.

    I have admired your art for a long time and was happy to see your class with Kellee Wynne! I will try that soon!

    Cheers from ??

  2. Louise says:

    Cheers from Canada…I am on a train and the jersey movement of the train bumped me off the past comment I was typing!

  3. Regina Lord says:

    Hi Louise from Canada! Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hi! I hope you enjoy the class in True Colors. Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I sometimes forget about my poor, neglected blog. 🙁 I need to change that! Hope you are well and making art! <3

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