Illustration Friday- Chair

I am so glad to be back in the swing of things! My eyes were starting to permanently bug out from staring at a computer screen with all those codes!!! UGH! I was happy to finally settle down last night with the soft flow of my watercolors and the colorful lines of my markers and colored pencils and create this little Magic Winged Chair.

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16 Responses to Illustration Friday- Chair

  1. Harmonia says:

    Thanks for the comment…I responded on my blog.

    LOVE the watercolor!

    Thanks for letting my know it was YOU…I didn’t know…sorry!

  2. Amy Zaleski says:

    I love this….this week was a toughie for me. I finally came up with an idea, then noticed this morning someone already had the same one. Kinda took the inspiration out of it, so I posted something old. Your illustration is a unique and beautiful take on a mundane subject….very soft and magical,too. I bet you were happy to take refuge in your watercolors after spending that much time in front of the computer. Very nicely done!

  3. Suzan says:

    Very nice illo! Beautiful style! I like this very much. 🙂

  4. Jaimie says:

    This is so pretty and charming and colorful. I just love your work.

  5. You weren’t at wordpress before right? Well, welcome to wordpress! I know the code can make you crazy but I love the control wordpress gives you. The site is looking good!

  6. Karen says:

    What a wonderful illustration. Your style is very free and flowing. This is lovely. Your site looks great too.

  7. Alison says:

    This a beautiful. The bright colors and the subject matter are just perfect!

  8. Twisselman says:

    Great illustration. Very cool patterns in the sky and in the clouds. Like this a lot. Also scrolled down for your ‘cat’ post… which also could have qualified for the ‘chair’ post. Really nice, also.

  9. A great illo. So lovely. Your blog is so pretty and the kids are cute!

  10. This is very whimsical, light-hearted, yet you have a feeling that you are able to overpower, overlook, all, while on or really in your chair. Colors and composition work well!

  11. WillowGrace says:

    I want one!
    Love your style. Such fun lines and colors.

  12. Aravis says:

    Both fanciful and lovely. :0)

  13. carla says:

    This is so light and – dare I say – a delightful flight of fancy! I think the tone on tone designs you created in the sky are marvelous…they add to the overall magic of this piece. I want a chair like that!

  14. linda says:

    absolutly fabulous. I like the composition

  15. Becky says:

    Lovely in every way! Love your work!

  16. wynlen says:

    Sweet. I love the swirls in the sky, and I would love to have a flying magic chair!

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