Welcome to the new and improved Creative Kismet. There are some great new things about this site. There are several categories, with lots of crafts, food and art. I was able to transfer everything from my other blog while maintaining all of the wonderful comments made on my posts and creations.  The new food section is from another blog that I had started a while back and wasn’t keeping up with too well. All my favorite vegetarian food shots have been trasfered over. After all, making delicious food is yet another form of creating. I am still working on the shop portion of this site. Probably still a little ways away. I hope you enjoy this little spot in my world. Comments are always welcome!

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5 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Shano says:

    Wow! That’s beautiful. I love the added textures. It really makes the illo POP.

  2. catnapping says:

    i love the textures in this…the farm fields…the clouds. and i love the deep colours.

    i’d love to have magic chair.

    great illustration.

  3. Colleen says:

    I’m a fan of both your blogs and it’s great to see them combined in one. Twice the fun! I’m looking forward to more yummy veggie posts. Your cooking inspires me!

  4. Hey, just wanted you to know that I am touched to be on the sidelines, under inspiration, of all places! Really like the look of the new site, didn’t see your other site, but I love to cook as well. Your old site enticed me as well! I am off to read…then illustrate some sort of a chair…I dunno, between the “glamour” and the “chair” I haven’t been too inspired lately!

  5. valgalart says:

    Hi! I love your new blog!!! Your illustration is superb!!! Beautifully rendered and adore the colours! I love all the veggie blogs as I’m a veg.

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