I made these cute little picushions the other day after reading “Sticken’ it to the pincushion” in Whip Up. It an easy and wonderful little tutorial on how to make them. It looked so easy, I had to stop everything I was doing to try it out.

I made a big one and a little one for my wrist to use while sewing. This project is great for using little scraps of material. I used 5″ diameter circles for the large pincushion and 3″ diameter circles for the small one. Pieces of black wool from an old old wool jacket that I had many many moons ago, were used as the bottom layers of fabric. The jacket was in very bad condition so I tore it apart (very fun) and have been using the pieces to make various things. Lastly, I figured I had to add beads to the small pincushion, for added prettiness, since I’d be wearing it on my wrist to sew. Looks “sew” cute!!
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4 Responses to Pincushions

  1. Those are wonderful! I like the red one first…I always just stick the needles between my lips. I know. Bad.

    They are beautiful, great job.

  2. Michelle says:

    I love love pincushions, and those are fantastic! I especially love the one you get to wear on your wrist!

  3. Haha, “sew” cute. I’m totally into green these days, so I am really into the green one you made. Very nice.

  4. shoofly says:

    this is too cute! I love the one you made for your wrist!

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