Inspire Me Thursday- Sense-less Art

Inspire Me Thursday is a weekly artistic challenge which is posted on the Thursday of every week and must be completed before the following Thursday.

This week’s challenge is to create a piece of art without using your senses.

Hmmmm. How do you create art without using your senses? Another challenging week for me. Anytime you have to step out of your comfort zone, is another opportunity for growth right? Well, here it goes.

orangetree.jpgThis week while rummaging through the garage I found some plaster and an old wooden board. So in the dark garage, with the baby asleep and Super-E quietly playing in the sandbox, I started making my mess. First, I smeared plaster all over the board then, closing my eyes, I drew this picture with the pointy end of a paint brush. You can’t really see the texture in this piece, but after the plaster dried, I painted the crevices and bumps with paint colors I usually don’t use (purple, blues, bright greens). It’s definitely not something that I’m used to. I even contemplated not posting it. But, I did spend all afternoon making it so I might as well share it- right? I guess if you put it up with all of my other art- it definitely would not make any sense.

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5 Responses to Inspire Me Thursday- Sense-less Art

  1. This is wonderful and YES it does go with your other stuff. You have a definate style to your work…its like you use “blocks or sections of color” to paint a picture. This has the same feel.

    I really do think its wonderful and great job being so creative and using plaster and wood! Wow.

  2. Harmonia says:

    Very colorful!


    It’s Midweek Munchie Time!

  3. Hey, it is definately not awful to look at. Really, it does have your style to it. I can understand your trepidation, probably because you closed your eyes. But it really is colorful and pretty. Way to go using plaster and wood. I envy that, wish it stayed a little warmer in my parts so I could get out im my garage and get messy!!!
    These really are challenging challenges!

  4. carla says:

    I think this has a great primitive quality that’s really appealing! I love that it has the playfulness that much of your other work shows. The colors are strong, and I can see that the texture must be amazing. I love how you approached this! I’m with you though… I’m not keen on doing art like this any time again soon. I would rather be more in control. Anyway, I think your result is really quite nice. I’m glad you posted it. (and sorry about your craft room…I feel for you :

  5. Ratlion says:

    This is great! I like it…You actually drew it with your eyes closed and still got them all clean and in their right places? 😀 Brilliant…

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