I’m Back!

The HGTV crew came yesterday and it’s finally over – big sigh of relief. It was a crazy, whirlwind, surreal and amazing sort of day. They came bright and early Saturday morning at 8am and we did not finish until 4pm. Eight hours of constant filming, takes, retakes, and a bit of tomfoolery. I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I thought I would be. Just overwhelmed and dazed. The crew was an amazing group of four guys (producer, director, camera guy and sound guy). They were all very laid back, very cool and most importantly patient. I can’t say exactly what happened because it is all very hazy in my head. All I know is that I have never been more exhausted. It should be very interesting- especially seeing how it gets all edited together.

I think the hardest part of doing this, was all the preparation work that went into getting ready for film day. I had to have every step of my two “crafts” made and ready to go for swap outs because I was filming for a big and little segment. Not only that, I needed (wanted) to have things that I made hanging up all around me. Since I usually give the things I make as gifts for friends and family, I didn’t really have much. So, I hung all of my paintings and I made clocks, mirrors, canvas bags & wallets, boxes and a few other things, all of which I will share throughout the next couple of weeks. I’m not sharing what exactly it was that they filmed me making. I’ll save that for the actual show.

As for the show date, there is none yet. I was given a little piece of paper with a number to call at the beginning of SEPTEMBER to find out the airdate. Yes, 5 months that I will have to wait. Only then will I know the date my show will appear.

This week I’m watching lots of movies (have them all picked out on Netflix) and I am not making ANYTHING!!! Okay, maybe just one thing ……or 2. I really want to do the series challenge for Inspire Me Thursday and make a bonnet for my neice for Easter. But that’s it!!.

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5 Responses to I’m Back!

  1. OMG, that looks so awesome, and you are sooo pretty! I had a little different image of you, but wow, I am sooo happy for you.
    Waiting 5 months is sucky! but that is what we have to do!!!

  2. kelly rae says:

    holy cow. how amazing is that??? can’t wait to see it. really. congratulations. that’s a huge deal!

  3. miragee says:

    Wow, the place looks beautiful with all your paintings on the wall. The show must be interesting! Too bad I live too far from you to watch it…

  4. shoofly says:

    how exciting! Yeah, those HGTV filmings really wear you out….nice to hear its over and I look forward to seeing the show!

  5. myra says:

    Wow!! Congratulations! Very very cool.

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