Whiplash Weekly Compitition

127394335_6e0329340c_o.gifThe ever so wonderful Whip Up has started a weekly competition called Whiplash. I have anxiously debated whether or not to submit something because have you seen the submissions already? I mean, they are all so wonderful. There are some amazing crafters out there and I have been coming to the realization that I am a small fish in an enormously talented ocean! But, life is short and what have I got to lose besides a little sleep. Here it is. A handpainted canvas wallet, because everyday you need something to keep a litttle money in (even if you don’t have very much).

canvas wallet 2

canvas wallet 2
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4 Responses to Whiplash Weekly Compitition

  1. Emma says:

    Wow, I love it!

    I have a very boring black wallet from some arbitrary shop, but now I’m inspired to go make my own.


  2. moki says:

    This is soooo great! What is the flower made of. I really love it!

  3. Bee says:

    I had the same thoughts about whether to submit an entry to Whip-lash because of the absolutely amazing craft submissions already there. I decided to go ahead for the fun of joining a community activity. But you have a very cute thing here! So good luck!!!

  4. That looks awesome….great job!! And you should never feel you aren’t right up there with the best of them at Whip Up! Can’t wait to see how to make one of those! he he

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