Midweek Munchies


Went to Whole Foods Market for a few things but ended up with all of this. WFM is a little on the expensive side so I try to keep my shopping there to a minimum. Their 365 brand is reasonable so I try to stick to that. I thought I’d take a picture this week instead of typing out a list.

BBQ Tofu Broccoli WrapsMade these yummy wraps last night for din-din. I just tossed some pressed and cubed tofu in a saute pan with a little oil for a few minutes on each side, poured in some BBQ sauce and added some steamed broccoli. Mixed it up and served it in a whole wheat tortilla with rice. These look like tacos only because I wanted to show what was inside the tortilla. After the photo was taken, I wrapped, rolled and gobbled them all up!

I also made soft pretzels with the kids yesterday. pretzels.jpg They were incredible (the pretzels were -not the kids- the kids were a mess)!! I used this recipe with a few accidental modifications. The sugar came out of the canister too quickly when I was pouring it and a very heaping tablespoonful went into the warm water. Then I added the oil to the flour and yeast mixture which was actually for the bowl- oops. They turned out so great that I’m definitley making these mistakes again! I also used melted Earth Balance spread to lightly brush over the pretzels instead of an egg wash. These disapeared so fast I didn’t get a chance to freeze any. Maybe next time!

Happy eating!!

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2 Responses to Midweek Munchies

  1. Michelle says:

    Yum, those pretzels look GREAT!!!!

  2. Sarah Scott says:

    Yummy pretzels! Yes, that was me. Jeff is the Library Manager for our city. His MLS is from UofA also! I deleted the post since it linked to the local paper. I never know how much info to have on the net.

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