Illustration Friday- Under the Sea

Under the Sea

16 x 20 Acrylic on Canvas Board
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12 Responses to Illustration Friday- Under the Sea

  1. Oh, how peaceful and colorful. This says you all over it. I love the effect the light has, resembles what a nice night, with a full moon might look like. Nice analogy actually.

    Okay, one joke. Hope she can swim when she wakes up! ha ha…

    I really need to get a good nights sleep in a peaceful ocean, oh how dreamy.

  2. michael dailey says:

    nice work she looks very peaceful sleeping there

  3. Sarah Scott says:

    Lovely! Wonderful dreamlike quality to it, beautiful colors!

  4. Simply perfect! Love this. The colors, the movement, the dreamy woman…all of it just flows.

  5. krista says:

    Aaaah, Regina. I needed to see this picture today. It is beautiful.

  6. Ratlion says:

    There’s something about this that make’s you think and want to look at over and over again! Like it!
    Thank’s for dropping by my blog 🙂

  7. Holly says:

    Simply wonderful. Asleep on the ocean bed. Cheers!

  8. The Unknown says:

    So calming. I love it. Could some get the light please? 🙂

  9. Willie says:

    I never run into naked women when I snorkle. 🙂 Nice job! From a fellow Dallasite.

  10. Jaimie says:

    I love your fanciful painting. This is quite unique and beguiling.

  11. Amy Zaleski says:

    So dreamily peaceful….and an original take on “under the sea.”

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