Tears, tears, tears

So, I made my smock for this month’s Tie One On. I LOVE it . It’s a white cotton seersucker with turquois and green stripes. I was so proud of it that I put it on this morning and we all headed out to the park to take pictures. Well, at the park my camera fell out of my bag….. and BAM- It’s dead. Won’t work anymore. I just couldn’t help the tears that started flowing out of my eyes. I know it’s just a camera, but it is also so much more to me. I have always been the person with a camera in hand at all times. I’m the one that has the most pictures taken at any event and the best photo albums. I love documenting my life with photos. My camera is practically an extension of my arm. How am I to live without it for even a few days?!?! What if the kids do something absolutely so adorable and I haven’t been able to capture it digitally? I guess I could pull out my old (like new) Minolta SLR film camera and actually take film in to get developed (do they even still do that?). But in the last three years of having my beloved Cannon Powershot S30, nothing can compare to its instant gratification.

Knowing how important my camera is to me, my husband tried his best to console me by saying, “Don’t worry honey. We’ll get you another one”. It just all makes me sick, especially knowing that we really can’t afford another camera right now. But, he said, “if the car broke down, we’d just fix it right? – even if he didn’t have the money. Same with your camera.” He’s sweet and he knows. Even with these words, I still had a hard time keeping back the tears (hold on, I have to blow my nose). A perfectly good camera gone because of one careless little fall. There is small consolatation in knowing that I can get a camera better than my powershot for a third of what we paid 3 years ago.

So, does anyone have any good suggestions for a new camera. What kind do you have, and do you like it?

Any pictures that I post from now until I get a new one have either been saved on my computer or are on my memory card right now. You’ll have to wait to see my new smock.

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  1. Lexi says:

    Sorry about your camera! I can so relate. Our camera was broken last year (I got it damp in the diaper bag) and while it was “in the shop” I was going crazy. It’s an Olympus C3000 – it’s been a good camera but it’s 4+ years old and I’m sure a lot has changed. When we win the lottery (haha) we’re going to get a digital SLR.

  2. Okay, I will mail you my camera tomorrow morning. I am so sorry about this story. Really, I am the one that never thinks about the pics, and my hubby is the real photographer. He kind of has a special eye for it.

    We/he bought a Fujifilm E550 about 1 year ago, after having another fujifilm (older one) and we really swear by fujifilm. My georgie actually played with the lens, when it was extended, and I was devistated, but it kind of bounced right back. So I guess, I would recommend a Fujifilm E550…or whatever is the newest out there. I feel for you, but if you need a camera let me know….I know where you live! 🙂

  3. Sarah Scott says:

    Oh, I am sorry to read this! We have a Sony Cybershot with 5.1 mp that we received new as a handmedown. If I were to buy one, I would probably get an Olympus because I love my Olympus Stylus that takes traditional film, but I mainly use my Cybershot for convenience and it is a really good camera.

  4. Aunty Jenny says:

    I’m so sorry stister ….
    I love you:)

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