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everyday_small.jpgI have been trying very hard to keep up with my Every Day in May art. The hardest part has not been to come up with ideas and do them, but to actually scan and post them. So over the last couple of weeks, a little pile of watercolors has been collecting on my desk waiting to be scanned. Today I finally scanned them (it took FOREVER), and they are in my Every Day in May flickr set- you can see them HERE. I didn’t actually do one every day. I missed several days, in fact, and I did use my Inspire Me Thursday art and Illustration Friday art. Overall, I’d say I actually sat down to make art 25 out of the 31 days, which I think is pretty good. One thing that I really liked about this challenge was that it got me thinking, on a daily basis, about making art. Whether or not I actually sat down and did it, I still had a headfull of ideas and a notebook full of doodles for potential art pieces. Thank you French toast Girl for this wonderful idea and challenge.

Here are a few of my watercolors that I thought I’d share. You’ll notice that many of my pieces in my Flickr set are wedding related. That’s because my cousin is getting married soon and I was asked to help make the invites (my second wedding invitation “job” this year) I made my sister’s wedding invites, thank you cards and rehearsal dinner invites, which I will post once she has sent them out in the mail.


Sleeping girl
Under the Umbrella
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5 Responses to Art Everyday

  1. These are beautiful and fab! I am impressed with all of you who did this challenge. I’m lucky if I can get something done once a week.
    Really great pieces hon.

  2. amy says:

    My favorite is the sunflowers. I can’t wait to see the work you did for your sister. I love whimsical wedding related illustrations.

    BTW, my notecards arrived yesterday. Thanks so much for putting that swap together and for all the extra goodies too. My boys were covered in little round stickers all day.

  3. Sarah Scott says:

    These are wonderful, Regina! You should be very proud of getting so much accomplished!!!

    I look forward to seeing the wedding invites, too!

  4. You know, I feel the same exact way. And yes there were days I didn’t do a painting. But I was thinking about it everyday. If sort of felt like I was in college again, with assignments.

    But it was important for me, this one time, to complete the month. And I definately think that as a process, it will help in the future, like right now, to try to complete something, even small paintings on a more regular basis.

    Of course I doodle, in a sketchbook, on bulk envelopes, napkins, my kids homework(oops), but these paintings took on a more permanent, real feel.

    You should pat yourself on the back for even challenging yourself! Off to explore flkr. I can’t leave comments, cause my hubby signed us up, but hasn’t clued me in on the password. I am a duntz.
    Your works here are fabulous. And I can see some exploration in your work.

  5. krista says:

    Your talent humbles me. You are amazing.

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