Dryer Balls and other things

Dryer balls you ask? Has anyone heard about them? I heard about them when listening to the podcast More Hip than Hippie (very fun podcast btw). You just throw them into the dryer and they make everything soft and static free- no more need for dryer sheets and no artificial “fresh” scent. I like the old-fashions smell of nothing! They really work and they are guarenteed for two years or they’ll buy them back!


I also got all this lovely goodness in the mail today from my friend Sarah. She participated in my Notecard Swap a while back and her cards were lost in the mail for about 4 weeks before they made their way back to her. Since she got them back, she sent me one along with all of this great stuff! So extremenly generous and kind of her. I would have been perfectly happy with just her beautiful card, but everything else was an extra special treat. I cant wait to do something with it all. I love the fat quarters she sent. I think I will make THESE headbands with them. Yea! I love everything Sarah- Thank you so much!!!

If you haven’t noticed, I added some “new places to see” on my sidebar. I thought I’d showcase some places I’ve really been enjoying lately by putting them in my sidebar for about a month or so, then move them to my links page as I find new great places. Check them out- lots of great stuff!

Lastly, I will post the winner of my button bracelet first thing tomorrow morning. I promised my little guy that I would let him draw the name and sent him off to bed without doing it. So tomorrow it will be. I can’t wait to see who it will be !!!!!

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3 Responses to Dryer Balls and other things

  1. Sarah Scott says:

    Oh, I am glad you like it all! I thought you’d like those little copper pan embellishments since you love to bake and the fabric reminded me of you! Can’t wait to see what you make!

    Those dryer balls sound neat! They would be great for people with alllergies.

  2. flossy-p says:

    😀 Thanks for the link!!!

  3. …cracking up over dryer balls…I don’t know why, ok I am imature sometimes, lol.
    Sarahs card is beautful.

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