Finally, a space I can work in


It’s was a lot of work, but we finally finished the craft room/office space. We painted it white (remember the gray?) and cleaned it up QUITE a bit. The only thing I need now is better lighting and a big craft table in the middle- don’t you think? Something tall, so that I can spin around in my newly covered office chair and have a table to spread things out – my fabric, paints….whatever. I picked a bunch of bright cheery fabrics to cover my sewing chair, office chair and message board. And I used an old sheet from a rummage sale to cover my storage shelves and hide all my boxes full of crafting stuff. I’m really happy with it and am starting to feel very inspired to get back into my art and craft making.


My sewing desk.

Behind it is a book shelf that faces the office side. I covered it with fabric to make it a little prettier and also the message board and my little chair with fabric scraps leftover from this whole project.


These book shelves were left behind by the previous owners. They have really come in handy for storing all my stuff and also as a room divider between the office space and craft space. Click on the picture to see what everything is.


The other side.

This is the office side of our craft/office room. Do you think there are enough books? My hubby doesn’t. There is STILL 20 boxes of unpacked books in the corner. We have no room left.

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10 Responses to Finally, a space I can work in

  1. Your “office” looks like our livingroom. We have as many bookshelves as will fit and still piles and piles of books around. especially large photo or art ones that don’t fit in any bookshelf.

    And I haven’t even mentioned the bedroom…

  2. rebecca says:

    Oh, I love that work space. So organized and what pretty fabrics. All from a rummage sale, huh? I never get that lucky at yard sales or rummage sales. I am so happy for you!

  3. andrea says:

    Oh my GOSH there are a lot of books. Holy cow! Your space is impressive!!!! What a wonderful place for you to create.

  4. kathy says:

    I’d call that a full blown library! Looks like you have lots of space on the craft side. How fun. I always feel like a new project when my space is clean and organized like that. Enjoy.

  5. Bronwen says:

    I agree not enough books. Most of my books are still not out of boxes either I miss them!
    Your work space is great.

  6. raesha says:

    I love it!!! What a beautiful space and your books are awesome…you can never have enough books!

  7. raesha says:

    PS is that a new banner???I love it!

  8. I am COVETING that room so badly!! Someday our basement will look like that… you lucky Kismet! Well done on getting it together.

  9. krista says:

    Wow, I would be in heaven there.

  10. Stephanie says:

    You can NEVER have too many books! Love your blog!

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