#6 – ‘Tis the Season for Sniffles & Sneezes

It’s that time of the year when everyone seems to have the sniffles- especially the little ones. I had made these tissue holders for that little craft fair a couple of weeks ago and only sold two. So, I’ve decided that these would make great stocking stuffers.


I made these using Craftapalooza’s nifty tutorial. They are super easy and quick to make. I added a button closure and twill tape that says “Salud! Bless You! Gesundheit!” I ran twill tape through my printer using double sided sticky tape. Simply type the wording how you want it and print out onto a piece of plain paper. Next, cover the wording with the sticky tape and then the twill tape. Run the twill tape covered paper through the printer again and wha-la! Fancy twill tape! And, if you are interested why people say “Salud! Bless You! Gesundheit!” when you sneeze, check out Sneezes Around the World.

Lastly, because I’m a nurse and am totally anal about NOT spreading germs, here are a few tips to keep you healthy this season.

#1 (and most important!) Wash Your Hands! Your hands are the number one way that germs are transfered from surface and air into your body. To make hand washing effective, you must wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. No fancy soaps needed. A mild soap and warm water will do fine.

#2 Cover your coughs and sneezes. It is now recommended that you cough into a tissue or into your arm-sleeve. Try not to cough or sneeze into your hands (see #1).

#3 Avoid close contact with people who are sick- especially when they have a fever. Fever time is the most contagious time. Also remember to keep your distance when you are sick to protect others. (It’s hard to avoid close contact within your own family home circle- chances are the germs have already been shared, whether you like it or not. See #5)

#4 Stay home when you are sick– to keep from passing along the sniffles and sneezes. Get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids and do a little quiet crafting. 🙂

#5 Prevention is the best medicine- Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, eat a healthy balanced diet, and exercise regularly. The healthier you are, the better your body can defend itself and you can decrease your chances of getting sick.

Okay, I’m off my soap box now.

Here’s to you and a healthy season!

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8 Responses to #6 – ‘Tis the Season for Sniffles & Sneezes

  1. amy says:

    These are so cool and you are VERY clever with the twill tape! Thanks for sharing the how-to tip. Now if I could only get my three year old to cover his mouth when he coughs or sneezes :).

  2. Michelle says:

    Well, what the heck was wrong with those people at that craft fair? Those are absolutely wonderful, and totally cute. I’ll have to try that twill tape thing one of these days…

  3. Geninne says:

    My oh my, you are so talented AND clever!!! Beautiful tissue holders…and I loved the handy use of your printer to make the twill tape :o)
    Thanks for the health tips!
    Un abrazo grande!

  4. Leticia says:

    Your little tissue boxes are so cute! Oh, and I totally agree with you on the germs. Better safe than sorry right?

  5. moki says:

    I love your countdown….keep it up, it gets hard after day 10 🙂

  6. shoofly says:

    i love every one of the tissue holders, nice work!

  7. kathy says:

    do you sell these anywhere? they are the nicest ones i’ve seen!

  8. Bronwyn says:

    I simply adore your ‘Bless you’ ribbon for your tissue holders; I’m afraid I don’t really understand how you made it, so would you consider making some to sell? I love the ‘good health’ section of this post; sometimes people need a simple reminder to do the simplest things! Your blog looks like a lot of fun, and I going to enjoy looking through it all.

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