Illustration Friday- Gravi(tea)

Flickr is down right now, so I can’t upload a better quality pic right now. Ahhhh, that’s better.  Here is my take on Gravity or Gravitea. Just a really quick little watercolor and ink.

There is a great “virtual” tea party happening called You’re My Cuppa Tea Party & Swap (the swap is optional). If you love tea as much as I do then you should check it out. It was brought to my attention by the ever so lovely Anastasia. Thanks A! Tea Party day will be April 20th.

I’ve also updated the links on my sidebar and on my “Link Lot” page. Check it out. Sooooo many great blogs and websites out there that it makes my head spin with artsy crafting craziness.

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11 Responses to Illustration Friday- Gravi(tea)

  1. melissa says:

    what a beautiful watercolour- I so admire your skills!
    I think I will have to email this link to my Mum, who is addicted to tea.

    hugs, melissa x

  2. Ro Bruhn says:

    This is lovely, very original subject and great colours.
    Happy illustrating,
    Ro from downunder

  3. carla says:

    I love this, Regina! Looking at this painting makes me feel like a little girl…brings me to that time of my life when I really did believe in magical things! The colors and the little details are so fine and pretty… beautiful work!

  4. Sandra says:

    I love the colors in this. Great interpretation of the theme. 🙂

  5. So very lively and whimsical! I’m a tea fanatic as well. One of my favorites is a blood orange blend that I have only found at a place in Soho called Mercer Kitchen. If I think about it, I can almost feel the steamy citrus infusion tingle my tongue with a surprisingly berry flavor.

  6. enigma says:

    wonderful illo! so colorful and love the balloon’s shape. and i drink tea everyday!

  7. Hardwax says:

    This is sofunny and the cool and beautifully detailed hot air balloon looks like an awesome ride. So dreative!

  8. Anastasia says:

    so nice to see your drawings again!!
    very sweet!!
    tea on tap – perfect!!

  9. Twisselman says:

    I need to show this to my two favorite tea-drinkers… my wife and my daughter… Only P.G.Tips for them. They’re actually a little snobby about it.

    Great illustration… Beautiful.

  10. Mindy Wilson says:

    Wonderful IF piece! Great work~ Your little stampy is a hoot too. I need to get back into Illustration Friday again, darn darn!

  11. melamny says:


    was just looking at your page and I think this drawing is great. Just a little constructive criticism, if you look at the teacup basket of the balloon, you cannot see the other side, only the front. Because of the angle it is at, you would see the other side as well. It is a lovely pic though, very sweet 🙂

    m x

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