In a funk, busy and a new baby-doll

I have so much to blog. My continuous blog voice that runs through my head all day long as I make and do things, is not making it’s way to my computer. I go to sit and type and nothing flows. Am I in a funk? Again? It’s during these times I wonder, why am I doing this? Why do I blog? But then I remember about my cyber buddies, my half finished projects that only get finished because I blog, the archive of my creativeness. Sometimes I have moments of despair and want to stop, throw it all away, but then I quickly snap out of it and give myself a good shaking. Why would I do something so insane? I love my blog and all that it’s given me. Does this happen to anyone else? I will continue on in the blog world, but it will be quiet and slow over the next several weeks. Please bare with me. And please forgive me for not replying to comments or making comments. I will be more of a lurker for a while.

So now you may be asking what I am doing with a baby doll? You may know that I have two boys and the doll thing has never happened here. I haven’t had a doll for over a decade or so. I just thought it was high time I brought a baby doll back into my life. No, not really. She’s my new baby for a breastfeeding class that I am taking. It’s a 3 college credit course on becoming a certified breastfeeding counselor. It will help me tremendously in dealing with the challenges many moms and babes face in the hospital. It’s six weeks long and the reading and studying is taking up loads of time. It’s only a small step towards reaching my goal of becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. But it’s one I’ll gladly take despite the strain it adds to my already full time job and family.

Now back to the doll. I bought her from a thrift store for $1. She was raggedy and dirty and I saved her. She got a good scrubing and a new little dress made from fabric scraps(I couldn’t let her go to school in rags now could I?). And my boys? They have taken very kindly to her. They hug her, put her to bed, try to feed her and throw her around a little.

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8 Responses to In a funk, busy and a new baby-doll

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh, please don’t throw away your blog, I would be so sad. But, I do know what you mean. Just remember that the blog is for *you*. Your pace, your editing, your decisions. Don’t feel like posting for a few weeks? We’ll (I’ll) still be here checking in every once in a while. Hope you’re able to still take a little time for yourself.

  2. Sarah says:

    I go through this too. But, then, I did delete my blog before. But, I think it is a good idea and just let it rest from time to time and take a break, regroup. I did end up starting a new blog. (Obviously!) I do not regret deleting the old one though, gave me a chance to revaluate. But, I could have done that by taking a long break, too.

    That is funny about the baby doll and your little guys. My son has two Cabbage Patch Dolls, a little boy I had when I was little, and a preemie. We bought both of our children preemie CBK for Christmas. They came in little carriers. My daughter has no interest in dolls. She is very “girly” in most other ways, but has no interest in dolls. She likes stuffed animals and animal figurines. Well, my son takes great care of his baby, Sawyer, takes great pride in being a Daddy. My daughter dumped her doll out of the carrier within a few minutes and replaced it with a stuffed horse. LOL

    Take good care of yourself.

  3. kristin says:

    yeah…i’ve been in the dumps about my blog, just recently in fact. but i’m convinced everything in life in cyclical, including time with blogland, creative time etc. when i’m in the dumps, i just wait it out knowing full well i’ll have peace about it when it’s passed…it’s usually a good time for me to temporarily focus on something else for a change.

    maybe focusing on the class your taking will give your blog voice a good rest so when you do come back, you’ll be fully charged.

    hang in there…we’d miss you terribly if you pack it in.

    (BTW thanks for the blogiversary wishes 🙂

  4. Diane says:

    I feel you. I haven’t posted in quite a while, so I’ve been lurking; trying to figure whether to keep blogging or quit.

  5. krista says:

    The exact same thing happens to me with my blog. You aren’t alone with the ambivalence.

    That doll is terribly cute, but even cuter is that your boys have taken to her.

    And awesome that you are still working on the lactation stuff. I remember when you were contemplating it- I am glad you dove in there and are doing it!

  6. dawn says:

    a lactation consultant? fantastic! one thing I’ve noticed since moving here from Canada five years ago is that it seems fewer mothers breastfeed their babies. Is it just me, or is this true? In Canada it was very common to see moms breastfeeding – there was rarely a fuss made, moms would sit in restaurants, at parks, in museums, nicely covered up and feeding their babies. Not breastfeeding was the exception. I totally understand the choice not to breastfeed, for me and my babies it came very easily.

    Anyway, I won’t go on. But good for you, I think there is a need for lactation consultants!!

  7. kathy says:

    Ha, I’m in a perpetual blog funk. What’s with the fantasizing about deleting the thing, I do that too. Congratulations on getting your certification. I breastfed Caitlin without a hitch but Leil gave me all sorts of trouble. A friend told me to see a lactation consultant. I still have her up on a very high pedestal, the best advice and most worthwhile visit I ever made. She was able to debug my problem, teach me how to fix it and prescribe some ointment to heal the sore parts. All of you in the nursing field are angels, way to go by adding the lactation training to your credentials.

  8. Jessica says:

    thank you for your very kind comment on funky finds! i appreciate it.

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