One bought and one borrowed

I recently bought Amy Butler’s InStitches book and borrowed Fabric Gifts by Cynthia Treen from the library.  I love them both!  In fact, I’ve had Fabric Gifts for over three months and am having a terrible time returning it to the library.  I’ll be getting the e-mail soon that says, “Return this book immediately, no more renewals allowed!”  Well, it probably won’t by that harsh of a notice.

I made a few little gifts to go along in a package for my sweet friend, Michelle. The bunnies (a wee bit late for Easter) were from Fabric Gifts and the drawstring bag on the right came from InStitches.


In the middle are some beaded fabric coasters.  The beads add the perfect touch of sparkle that is needed for a evening drink, a mojito perhaps? Sounds good to me.  Unfortunately,  I haven’t had a drink of that sort for so long, I fear I would pass out after a few sips.

Anyway, I have a few projects in the works and two more packages for friends (looonnng over due I’m afraid) that will hopefully find their completion within the next week or so.

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One Response to One bought and one borrowed

  1. kristin says:

    i just had to make some of those bunnies too but did it from memorary…i browsed through the book, set it down and when i went back for it, it was gone 🙁 they were quick and fun! love yours and your other creations as well 🙂

    the card swap was great!! my cards were here when i returned from out of town and i am THRILLED with them all. thanks again for hosting it!

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