Body Worlds 3 and more bags

I took my little Super-E on a trip to Phoenix to see the amazing Body Worlds 3 exhibit. Seriously one of the best exhibits I’ve ever seen. An astounding mix of science and artistic, graceful, sculptural positioning of the real human body. We just barely caught the last day of this exhibit and I am so glad we did. To be able to fully see how completely amazing the human body is and allow Super-E a glimpse inside was utterly priceless. He was particularly interested in the healthy vs. diseased brain, heart, lungs and liver and he finally grew a greater understanding of the brain, nerves and blood vessels- something he’s been asking me about for a while.

Well, we had a very fine day, just the two of us. We spent a few hours just exploring the AZ Science Center a wonderful place with five very large rooms for scientific child exploration. I highly recommend the AZ Science Center (if you’re in the area) and the Body Worlds exhibit if it comes to an area near you. It was extremely tasteful, and highly educational.

I also, very quickly, wanted to share a couple of totes I made last week. I think they are folksy cute, made from this thrifted fabric. What am I going to do with all these bags I’m making? Stay tuned to find out.

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  1. moki says:

    I’m a pretty tough chick, but I dont know how I’d feel about seeing that…maybe it’s just this queasy pregnancy 🙂

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