Blogging photo-dorkitis

It’s a disease. I know some of you out there have it. It’s when you start taking pictures of yourself or things that you do that are probably not that interesting, but you take them anyway for possible post material. You probably do this more frequently than you’d like to admit.

For instance, I have nothing crafty to show, so I thought I’d take a picture of myself crocheting while on my way to Phoenix today. I’m holding the camera with my chin, in case you wanted to know.

And here is my lunch at the Vegetarian House in Phoenix. Excellent lunch. But really, the waiter was looking at me like I was a nut case. Not to mention the numerous comments coming from my husband.

Oh well. I don’t see any kind of happy cure, so my camera will have to remain by my side as long as I am hooked to this thing called blogging.

Things of crafty interest shall follow tomorrow (hopefully).

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8 Responses to Blogging photo-dorkitis

  1. moki says:

    oh crap! I have it too!!! ha! Thanks for the b’day wish!

  2. amy says:

    hmmm, it must be contagious, because I think I have it too :).

  3. I totally do this too! I laughed when I read that you had the camera tucked under your chin for that one picture:) The things we will do for photos/blog posts! 🙂

  4. Natch says:

    You cracked me up as well… because I’ve taken a picture of something crafty holding the camera with my chin too!
    (I think it was a pair of knitted hand warmers… and I wanted to show an action shot… of both of them on my hands… hahaha)
    But indeed, embrace the disease, at least it’s a fun one to have

  5. Kathy says:

    I thought that all of your photos today were interesting to look at. The dishes from that restaurant are beautiful.

  6. Kathy says:

    It must be a disease that you get as soon as you create your first blog. I do it to but end up deleting most of the pictures. How did you do that with your chin? Set a timer?

  7. melissa says:

    your chin-photography is impressive. i definitely have that disease too. yummy lunch- wish i could have joined you!

  8. Oh, yes, meeeee tooo. But I can admit that I actually took photos of everything even before I had a blog. My excuse is that my now-husband and I were in a long distance relationship, and he’s in the Navy and was going out to sea a lot, so I wanted to send him pictures of my daily life. But in truth, I just like taking pictures of every little thing. I have ever since I got my first Kodak disc camera, and I did it when I had a 35mm too, but having a digital camera makes it a lot less expensive than it used to be.

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