Swapping with a friend

A fellow crafty friend at work asked me to make her something to conceal her tampons during “that time of the month”. She only has a few years left to endure, but she wanted them to be a little more stylish and discreet. I made this little wallet, which I’ve seen around in blogland. I’m actually very surprised my attempt turned out well enough to give away. I almost kept it for myself. ***(07/28/07) Sorry, but there is not a tutorial for this tampon wallet at this time.  Thanks for your interest:)***

All this talk of tampons reminds me of a very embarrasing 8th grade experience. It was during US history, second hour. Little shy, quiet me pulls out my blue, 3-ring binder and to my horror there is a big honkin’ pad stuck smack dab on the front! They didn’t come in little individual packages and they were huge, by the way. I immediately ripped it off (imagine a very loud ripping sound) and shoved it into my bag at the same time that Tommy T. screams out to the class that, “Regina is on her period!!!” Regina: red faced and wanting to just die! Tis the brutality of adolescents.

Anyway, my friend gave me this amazing spiral, crocheted bracelet. She painstakenly makes spools of beaded thread to crochet into tube-like spirals. I love it!

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15 Responses to Swapping with a friend

  1. beki says:

    Well, isn’t that clever! I think I need one of those. That crochet bracelet is beautiful, what a treasure.

  2. That bracelet is lovely! And what a great little “wallet”!

  3. Jessica says:

    love the tampon case! could use one of those myself!!! i just posted about your sale on my blog.

  4. Kathy says:

    Is there a tutorial or dimensions listed out there in bloggyland about the tampon case? I so want to make one! Sure beats the pencil case I’ve been using to conceal mine.

  5. melissa says:

    what a great idea- your little purse looks so well made. i love practical things like that.
    oh, you poor thing. that must have been awful- aren’t kids cruel?

  6. linda says:

    A tampon case? Now that’s creative. I hadn’t seen one before. I remember my friend Mary borrowed my denim jacket once when she had a cold. My class was in the AV room waiting for a movie to start and she stood up and said, “Linda do you have any Kleenex in here?” as she patted the pockets on my many-pocketed jacket. Then she goes, “Oh here they are!” and she pulls out a pad! I laughed and laughed. She stood there in horror. Adolescence is hard, isn’t it? :o)

  7. Oh, wow, the tampon case is GREAT.

  8. Diane says:

    The tampon case is a REALLY good idea!

  9. witchy_puppy says:

    I love them both!

  10. shelley says:

    My daughter would like me to me her a tampon case. Is there a tutorial out there that I can use? It’s a great idea!
    Thank you.

  11. Nia says:

    Will you be posting a tutorial? I would love to make one.

  12. jennifer c says:

    I hope you don’t mind, but I made a tampon case based on the one you posted and one I saw on another blog and put together a turorial.
    Mine’s not as nice as yours..it turned out a little on the big side, but still -if anyone wanted to see a tute I have one.i hope its ok to post the link here…I’ll understand if you want to take the link down

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