Halloween 2007

Here is my little Jedi and Superman. I’ve been quite busy sewing these costumes up over the last couple of days. My mom did help a bit by making the main blue superman pieces. I did everything else, including the freezer paper stenciled Super S. Can’t even begin to tell you how tedious that was. I have a few burns from the iron to prove it. And the Jedi costume is all handmade by me as well. What is great about these outfits, is that you can remove the accessories and they are comfy cozy pajamas. I could just gobble these two little guys up! Speaking of gobbling things up…..

Before we headed out begging for candy, we had ourselves some eyeballs over blood sauce and green tape worms with monster fingers. Perfect meal to start off with, don’t you think?

And who needs candy when you have these?!?! Click on the picture for the ingredient list.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween Day!

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11 Responses to Halloween 2007

  1. Michelle says:

    Will you adopt me, please? You have got to be the best mommy ever. Those ice cream cones are too cute, I absolutely love them. And the costumes are simply the best. Was it your idea that they become pajamas later? That is *brilliant*, and very eco-friendly! Happy Halloween to all of you.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Yeah you can adopt me too! The patience you have to freezer paper stencil…I know how tricky that can be! Those are fantastic costume pajamas!

    And the meal, the eyes and pasta looks great, yummy and yucky. But are sure that is a finger….looks awfully big, hmmm but we can tell the kiddos it is a wink, wink, finger, when we know the truth!

  3. Michelle says:

    It looks so fun over at your house.

  4. Sarah says:

    Check out that lightsaber! My husband would be jealous! And check out I’s hair, very Superman! Hope they both had a great time, am sure they did!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Halloween at your house looks like so much fun! The costumes and food all look so fantastic!

  6. jonipossin says:

    The boys look ‘cool’ or ‘adorable’ depending on your age. I’m in the “adorable’ bracket.
    Cute cupcakes!! I won’t even go into the food… fun for the boys I’m sure… but has me gagging this early in the morning. hee, hee.

    I love your illustrations. Thy give me a warm feeling.

  7. I’m not too sure about that food:) It looks like a fun day:)

  8. Blue Team says:

    Hey! We really love your tutorial on the Frankenstein’s monster heads!! I’m writing from bulbinblue.com, a new, non-profit website for creative ideas and crafts. We’d love to feature your tutorial (text and pictures too) in our upcoming Halloween section. If you are interested, please e-mail us at the address given! We would be delighted!

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