Month of Me: Pajama pants

Are you getting sick of seeing the headless me yet? I am. It’s really strange taking pictures of yourself and then trying to post them. There is more to come, so I hope you don’t mind. There are just some things that don’t photo well on their own, and these pj pants are one of them.

They are from Amy Butler‘s In-Stitches book. They’re called wide-leg lounge pants and they really are w-i-d-e! It feels and looks like I am wearing a long swishy skirt. Nevertheless, they are super comfy and fun to lounge around in. They are also super easy to make considering that I didn’t really read the instructions.They were making my head swim, so I just followed the diagrams. I’m so very visual. It’s a really bad habit to skip the instructions. I’ve missed vital info from doing that. Good kismet for me this time around I guess.

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5 Responses to Month of Me: Pajama pants

  1. Expat Mom says:

    Those look very comfy! I love your month of me idea, it´s a good one.
    BTW, it´s fine if I-guy does his post in Feb. I look forward to reading it!

  2. I received that book for Christmas but haven’t made a thing! Maybe I should try it!

  3. Karyn says:

    I love your pj pants! I’ve been on a pj bottom making spree myself lately, although I’ve yet to try that pattern. Maybe I should 🙂

  4. mj says:

    I’m getting ready to make those! I’d be a little closer if I hadn’t broken two needles while quilting this morning- ugh.

  5. Amy Butler’s instructions almost always make my head swim:) Love the pj pants! Are those flannel? It looks a lot like some flannel I used to make some scarves & I loved that flannel… 🙂

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