Chess, Movies and Local Links

 My little Super-E has been in the chess club for a couple of weeks now and is really getting into it. He needed a more sturdy chess board (the one we had was too flimsy) and so the coffee table was painted and has now become the new chess game area. I had been planning on painting it anyway (it’s getting kind cruddy) and that’s not going to happen anytime soon. This will work for as long as he’s interested.

Some exciting stuff has happened this week.  A large spread in the AZ Daily Star featured local Etsy sellers on Saturday.  It was a great article.  I wasn’t in it, but it led me to my local Etsy street team and I was able to get into their group.  They are super  talented and a very active group. We are having a small craft fair on Feb 10th.  Check out our website: Sonoran Artisans and flickr group.  So very exciting for me because I can meet real live, in the flesh, crafters and artists, right in my hometown!  It is also the kick in the butt I need to be a more focused on my shop.

Very quickly, I have to share this movie I rented last night.  It’s called Once, a modern day musical and it is excellent!!! And the music is amazing too!!!  If you haven’t seen it,you have to check it out.  Click on the movie link above to hear the song “Falling Slowly”,  an Academy award nominee for best song.  Then listen to the next one too “If you want me”, it’s my favorite. So beautiful.

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3 Responses to Chess, Movies and Local Links

  1. Jade says:

    I rented that movie a couple of nights ago and LOVED it also…. hubby didn’t have quite the appreciation for it as I did (noted by the snoring that could be heard NOT EVEN halfway through the movie). I loved and and thinking about going to purchase it to add to the collection.

  2. Diane says:

    How did I miss that article? Where is the craft fair on Feb. 2nd?

  3. I hope you have a wonderful time with the craft fair, it sounds like it should be fun:)

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